How this site uses cookies

A Cookies is a string of small text sent by a server to web client (such as your browser) and then sent back by the client to server at each subsequent access. Through this mechanism, the site can store information about your visit, such as your browsing preferences, the language or the products that you put in the shopping cart. In this way in your next visits that information is already present and the use of the site content is more comfortable, functional and targeted to your needs. Without cookies the use of the web would prove far more frustrating.

Types of cookies used by this site:

  • Technical Cookies: fall into this category all those cookie used to ensure the normal navigation and use of the website, such as session data, browsing preferences, options and functional so on.
  • Third Party Analytics Cookies : although analytical cookies (that collect aggregate data about users who visit your site) are considered “technical” when used directly by the operator, this site uses a third-party service called “ Google Analytics ” which is used to generate access statistics and other aggregate data like that. For details of these cookies you can consult this document .

This site does not use cookies that profile, track or identify user informations.
Continuing in navigating the site, you accept the use of cookies on our part.

You can easily disable cookies by going to the Settings of your browser: in the “Privacy” (or “Security”, depending on the browser used) are always present various options that allow you to have full control the use of cookies by websites you visit. You can turn them off globally, disable only those third-party (ie outside the site, such as Google Analytics in the case of this page) or manually select the websites in which you prefer to give permission.
Here’s where to find these settings in the most popular web browsers:

  • Firefox : Main Menu > Options > Privacy panel
  • Chrome : Icon with the wrench (Options) > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy section > Content Settings
  • Safari : Action Menu > Preferences > Safety > Section accepts cookies
  • Internet Explorer Tools > Internet Options > Internet Properties > Privacy tab


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