I introduce myself

Biographical notes

I’m Antonella Caroni, Pdh in International Law, lawyer in Italy and Spain, I work in the Public Administration and have collaborated in the field of International Tourism with a careful look at the SMES and inside the working group for EP2014,EXPO2015 and everything that develop.

I am a Catholic and my strength to emerge, overlook defects and overcome the difficulties with the help of God.. I can because I hope this is the motto , curious and active in areas also totally opposite, I appreciate anyone who wants to improve , not I see differences in class, but I love the humble in their there are my grandparents, my inheritance, start up for the future.

I do network to disseminate information and convey the contents accessible to change, innovate, develop and grow … to train intelligence … everywhere.
I would like to network to disseminate information and convey the content accessible for the growth of our Country , always try to improve and interest in everything that perfects.
I delight to browse through actively in national politics and world hoping always in a comprehensive peace. I follow the Italians in the world, women, the poor and the rich and I’m looking for a line guide to fairness…
Building, walk and perfine three words that I always in mind.

Listening to learn, study ,search because create…if I do not know informed me and I like the joy of others, a boomerang that pushes forward… my recommendation more than great.
Believe in me because I believe in life, a blessing.


Development-management of assessment activities 100%
Interaction with stakeholders 100%
Public representation in national and international activities 100%
Collaboration on projects in international events and structures 100%
Interpretation on international laws for drafting legal and agreements acts 100%
Mediation-conciliation to alternative dispute resolution 100%

Work experience

  • management and leadership on groups
  • participation in the planning of objectives and activities related to verification
  • guiding field of specialization entrusted
  • responsible for public record
  • volunteer
  • commissioner in public examinations
  • acquisition of the operating facilities in support of the World and European governments with participation in meetings on the UN Security Interest at the Palace in Vienna , December 2006 UN, EU
  • international jurist and lawyer in two EU States: Italy and Spain
  • conciliator/mediator and accredited to the Ministry of Justice
  • Specialization within the remit of the Public Administration in management according to the Italian and international regulations in force since 2010 , and Masters courses in Italian universities
  • Update in technology and social media
  • Since 2011, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of participation at the General Secretariat, the drafting of Community Programmes and International Agreements Bilateral Agreements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Task Force in preparation Italian Presidency 2014 and Expo2015
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