My career started after high school passing almost simultaneously more competitions for teaching in nursery and primary schools: municipal and state-of the Vicariate.
Living in Rome, I had the opportunity to also support the evidence for the Holy See and incredibly their own for a number of parameters have called me first.
I, 19-year-old ready for college, with a little ‘doubts and fears, I started a job that I was passionate and involved, open the mind, physically trained and developed operational strategies.
New knowledge, spiritual growth and personal one, between degrees, masters and doctoral degrees in the legal field. I qualified as a lawyer and mediator specializing in the international to relocate on secondment to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Work and study has not been easy, the family has supported me and the little successes were to their satisfaction and joy.
Years I have deepened my Catholic faith, worked in cross-cultural projects, known dialogue with other religions and “feel” different, implementing my business conciliator, mediator, practicing lawyer, abogada Commissioner Examination, observer Invalsi … more to perfect myself in a world in constant competition. I do not regret anything so who should meet in the WEB …Religion has been a value for me that has allowed me to open up to others while maintaining my coordinates.I still use today, even when studying a European law and the comparison with the same Islamic or Chinese …life is a hill with beautifull and ugly roads, but together it is easier to find the right way.


After long conversations on Work faithfully carry Italian creativity:
– buses and metro CONTROLLERS, two months of expenses and then with the huge PROFITS in Rome because many travel free it starts with hiring.
-promote the pensions of the elderly in public places with very little reduction of the salary and rejuvenate,
-new nursery schools and professional schools,
-who works in the same sector same salary at the same level,
-you wheel between the Directors and staff every three years;
-update internal staff and not call expert individual, if possible,
-via annuities,
-reduction mortgage and home expenses as a stimulus to the economy with more revenue and less fear …
-CV for everyone, everywhere
– professionalism valued as areas: school, culture and tourism.
Interesting no ?

Europe is coming

Believe in yourself …. Difficult if only your recommendation is YOU with your merits and skills, but we go beyond …walk always…

Is about to begin in the Italian Presidency of the Council, an opportunity to work, study … to use social information, seek opportunities …. you can, watching and connectus with the virtual shares.

Creativity is not a specialty of a few, but a gift that anyone has in proportion to the desire to improve and grow. Italy moves again if the economy and the money goes if people start to believe it … Do not let drag down our talent, we have a series of international events in these two years that could transform our lives. What do we seek? A peaceful future? … Well interestedtostart-up, sustainability, innovation, found, project, green …

Open Mind!