Passionate about rights because I believe in justice and democracy among peoples, I have studied the subject in various national and international aspects.

P.A. and projects

I work in Public Administration and deepen all sectors.
I also work in big projects and I keep myself constantly up-to-date. I listen to people and managers to know the market and build an open and real mind.

Politics and faith

I follow the politics world, interacting with social networks, getting busy for a kind of globalization where human rights are at the center.
I always hope because I have faith! We can!

Work experience

Teaching (1994-2011)

  • management and leadership on groups
  • participation in the planning of objectives and activities related to verification
  • guiding field of specialization entrusted
  • responsible for public record
  • volunteer
  • commissioner in public examinations

University (since 1994)

  • acquisition of the operating facilities in support of the World and European governments with participation in meetings on the UN Security Interest at the Palace in Vienna , December 2006 UN, EU
  • international jurist and lawyer in two EU States: Italy and Spain
  • conciliator/mediator and accredited to the Ministry of Justice

Public Administration

  • Specialization within the remit of the Public Administration in management according to the Italian and international regulations in force since 2010 , and Masters courses in Italian universities
  • Update in technology and social media
  • Since 2011, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of participation at the General Secretariat, the drafting of Community Programmes and International Agreements Bilateral Agreements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Task Force in preparation Italian Presidency 2014 and Expo2015


Italy’s Tourism Sector to Relations , International Agreements and Promotion.
I'm passionate and this work opens my mind!

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